7 Easy Ways to Market Your Self-Published Book

Market Your Book

Self-publishing is the ideal option if you want to maximize your earnings from writing and releasing a book.

Getting a conventional publishing deal is not only time-consuming and fraught with challenges, but it also severely restricts your potential earnings. You can use a professional self-publishing service to get your work out there and use the below-mentioned tips to market your book.

This post is for you if you want to make the most money possible from self-publishing your book.

1. Use direct book sales.

Most writers anticipate earning the lion’s share of their income from sales of their published works. Although research suggests that your book may be a source of income for you, straight book sales account for a negligible portion of that income.

Let’s check out some direct sales channels for your self-published book.

You may sell your self-published book on two of the biggest online marketplaces: Amazon and eBay.

When it comes to book sales, Amazon is far and away ahead of even retail juggernauts like Barnes & Noble.

While Amazon isn’t great for promoting your self-published book to readers, there are some significant perks, such as free shipping on purchases over $25 or Prime membership (which includes two-day delivery).

If you use eBay correctly, it may be a great way to sell your new book. Although the site doesn’t get as much traffic as Amazon, the fact that there’s less competition for your selling space might imply more profits. If done correctly, eBay has the potential to outperform Amazon in terms of profit margins per unit sold.

2. Market Your Course

Self-publishing a book and then using the book’s content to create an online course is a great way to capitalize on your experience.

In turn, this expands your potential customer base and, by extension, your ability to make money.

Making an online course out of one of your books is a great way to attract new readers and show them how they can put the ideas in your book into practice. As a bonus, if you utilize these courses properly, you may be able to earn residual revenue for a long time after your initial investment has been made.

Potential students may get a taste of the material before committing to the price and conditions. To boost your course’s sales and reputation, collecting as many good book reviews as possible is essential.

3. Public Presentations

Since you are now a published author, it should be much simpler to get speaking engagements.

Speaking engagements and live events may be a fantastic way to promote your self-published book and bring in some extra cash.

Many other income streams exist on the platform.

Selling copies of your book to attendees is a terrific option.

Another strategy is to give out free advertising materials for your book and then try to convince them to hire you.

4.  Consulting and Coaching

The extra money from coaching and consulting may be advantageous.

Running a Facebook ad campaign in which you provide your book for free in return for an email address is a terrific method to get the attention of potential clients and secure coaching and consulting gigs.

Once you have the person’s email address, you may contact them directly to provide specific assistance in the form of coaching or consultation.

The individuals you meet while writing and advertising your book might serve as a terrific resource for future coaching and consulting customers.

5. Make an electronic book version of your book for marketing and affiliate sales.

To put it simply, an ebook is a book that can be read digitally.

One of the most remarkable ways to make money from a self-published book is to use it as a lead magnet on social media.

If you give out your book for free in return for an email address, you’ll have a head start on building an extensive email list from which to promote and sell affiliate goods.

Using an affiliate network is a fantastic way to discover affiliate items to sell.

Affiliate networks are a terrific method to locate new items that meet your book’s niche and enable you to earn money from each sale with minimal effort!

4.  Sell Apparel

Having self-published your book, you are the exclusive owner of all intellectual property.

Selling related merchandise, such as t-shirts and hats, is a terrific way to bring in some extra cash.

A print-on-demand website is ideal for starting a clothing company. If you are unfamiliar with print-on-demand clothing retailers, Printful is an excellent starting point.

5.  Sell the rights to a movie business

Self-published authors may profit from their works by selling adaptation rights to film or television studios.

To provide just one example, in 2002, J.K. Rowling agreed to a $150 million deal with Warner Brothers to adapt the first Harry Potter book into a film.

The process of selling the rights to your book might be beyond your control if you had it published via a conventional book publisher.


An excellent place to begin if you want to know how to have a book published is to evaluate your book publishing choices.

It’s essential to think about how you’ll make money and get the word out about your book if you decide to self-publish.

If you do it right, self-publishing your book may be a great way to bring in consistent, long-term revenue.

It’s easy to set yourself up for failure if you publish a book and throw it up on a marketplace without giving any thought to how you’ll make money off of it.

The benefits of having your work published go much beyond the money you get from book sales. Being a published author adds legitimacy, which is why it’s so valuable. To market your book, use a book marketing agency to promote and sell your book globally.

Self-publishing a book may pave the way to many other opportunities, such as working as a coach or consultant, developing and selling an online course, finding speaking engagements, and even starting a clothing line.

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