8-Step Self-publishing Guide for Indie Authors

Self Publhsing Guides

Self-publishing has become more popular as an alternative to the established publishing industry for writers. Both options have their advantages, and writers should choose between them depending on their own strengths and comfort levels with marketing. A self-publishing guide can aid writers in getting their work out there.

Follow the steps below to discover how to self-publish your book. Here you will discover a detailed strategy with helpful advice on every step of the book-making process: outlining, drafting, revising, publishing, and promoting. A self-publishing guide for passionate authors on the verge of becoming best-sellers.

Step #1: Choose a Novel Concept

It might be challenging to begin writing a book. You could have a spiral-bound notebook stuffed to the brim with ideas, or you might have a napkin scribbled with a half-baked concept. Whatever the case may be, settle on the idea about which you feel most enthusiastic, dynamic, and unable to stop imagining. Trying to write a book without a good concept will just delay the process.

Step #2: Write the Rough Draft

Now is the time to begin writing! In other words, after you have your concept and have given it some thought and developed a strategy for how to go about executing it, you may begin writing! It’s okay if your first draft is terrible. (Spoiler alert: that’s how it’s intended to work!) It’s OK if you make grammatical errors, misidentify characters, or even skip Chapter 14 altogether. The trick is to write regularly, even if just a few hundred words a day, to maintain your forward momentum.

Step #3: Revise

Now that the first draft is complete, we can start chipping away at it with a hammer and chisel to reveal the masterpiece beneath. Self-editing is a revision in which the author reads over the manuscript and makes minor adjustments, deletions, additions, and reorganizations to make the text flow better.

Is it true that we suddenly see Susie swimming in the pool after she has been standing up? Johnny was supposed to be on a plane today, but you said he was at the tennis courts instead. Take care of it as well.

Step #4: Hire an Editor

This is precisely how it should be written. Compensate a writer or editor. The only actual outlay of cash occurs at this point. A professional editor is essential if you want to publish a high-quality book, but getting feedback from friends and critique partners is also helpful. In my view, the only time you shouldn’t pay an editor is if your book is a brief piece of nonfiction on a subject that you know more about than any editor would. (And maybe a children’s picture book with just a single line of text on every page, with the focus instead on the pictures.) When composing a book, however, you must use the services of a professional editor.

Step #5: ​Format

If you’re trying to keep your hair in one place, you can have someone else do this for you, but if you’re frugal like me and don’t mind losing a few strands, formatting your book yourself will give it a polished appearance. The Kindle Create software is a simple way to get professional results when creating a Kindle book for Amazon. It’s much more work to format books for paperback or hardcover, but it can be done! Page numbers and uniform font size and style for chapter headers are the only requirements.

Step #6: Designing The Cover

The common misconception among writers is that they can design professional-looking book covers independently. Also, the vast majority of those writers are entirely off base. This is the only other procedure for which I would advocate paying a considerable sum. If you need a book cover designed, choose a professional who has done similar work. (This does not refer to someone very talented in visual arts such as sketching, painting, or logo design. Or a professional book cover designing service. Your book’s cover is perhaps the most critical factor in determining whether or not a reader will pick up a book by an unknown author. If your book’s cover is badly designed, it might ruin your sales.

Believe me when I say that you shouldn’t attempt to produce your cover if you’ve never even opened a graphic design application. It will be common knowledge that you succeeded amongst the general populace. In an instant, I can tell whether a book’s cover was professionally designed or was done by the author themselves, and most readers will do the same if the cover isn’t appropriate to the genre.

Don’t put yourself in that position! ( Don’t overlook this if you’re determined to create your own cover story despite my warnings. Try browsing Amazon for 10 books in your category that have high sales, positive reviews, and were released within the previous five years. Your book cover should appear as if it belongs among these titles.

Step #7: ​Publish

Phew! So there you go! From concept to “I did it!” in no time. To publish your work, just click the large “PUBLISH” button. So, from now on, you may call yourself an independent writer.

Step #8: ​Market

Since it is time-consuming and crucial, market marketing should make up the first 15 stages. You should start building an audience for your book even before you sit down to write it by creating a regular email newsletter, a website, and social media profiles. Current and potential admirers must track you down and stay updated on your whereabouts at all times. A book must be aware of its existence so that they may seek it out, purchase it, read it, and spread the word to others. Offer free review copies to anybody willing to leave an honest review, and encourage everyone who has read your book to leave a review wherever it is sold. Readers may learn about your work in various ways, and your thoughts are one of the best. Make oneself easily discoverable by establishing a website and social media sites if you haven’t already done so before publishing.

If the process seems overwhelming, you can always connect with Author Inn’s best self-publishing services and let them work their magic.


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